“A marvel of a performance." -The Georgia Straight, Vancouver

"DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW it is absolutely wonderful!" -King's River Life Magazine, Fresno.

"Of the many, many Fringe storytellers, Dockery remains the best at making his personal stories seem universal… He’s unequaled in making an audience feel his frustration, anger, relief & joy... 'I'm a master at this,' he joked in his consistently funny, surprising, and unexpectedly tender show. Yes, yes, he is. ”-Orlando Sentinel.

"Master monologist Martin Dockery's latest one-man marvel takes audiences along on his most dangerous journey yet: fatherhood." -Orlando Weekly

"Few performers can match the raw enthusiasm and charisma of Fringe regular Martin Dockery. Watching him, you're all but guaranteed to get swept up and feel like you're experiencing moments big and small right alongside him... He is a force of nature." -CBC

"A compelling, amusing tale filled with keen observations about life's tiny frustrations... Dockery is a verbal boxer, bobbing and weaving throughout, but always circling back to land a knockout punch." -Winnipeg Free Press

"Fans of Brooklyn-based Martin Dockery will not be disappointed." -Beer Tent Reviews: Mel Priestly, Edmonton

“A+… He’s in the running as my favourite storyteller of all time and this is his best show yet. His trademark energy, disarming affability, inventive writing and goofball sincerity come together to beautiful effect in a show about beginnings that has a particularly wonderful ending.” -My Entertainment World, Toronto

"It is indeed a wonderful world Dockery creates. Go see it." -Vancouver Presents

-Past Shows-

Sept 6-14, 2019 - Havana, Vancouver Fringe, BC
Aug 16-25, 2019 - Sue Paterson Memorial Theatre, Edmonton Fringe, AB
May 18-26, 2019 - Starlite Room @ The Savoy, Orlando Fringe, FL
May 17, 2019: Lkld Live, Lakeland, FL
March 1-9, 2019 - Dianna's School of Dance, Rogue Festival, Fresno, CA
Jan 11-13, 2019 - Blue Venue, Orlando Mid-Winter Mini Fest, FL

July 18-29, 2018 - ACI Creative Manitoba, Winnipeg Fringe, MB

Created & performed by Martin Dockery

A dazzling, alternative comedy mash-up of storytelling and stand-up, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Dockery travels to The Forbidden City in a story that is not at all about traveling to The Forbidden City. A wild, unique, and gut-busting theatrical experience.