Past Performances:
9/19-30/17 Planetarium, Winnipeg Fringe, MB
11/16-18/16 Mainline Theatre, Montreal, QB
2/6/15 The Batte Center, Wingate University, Monroe, NC
1/22-24/15 Diana Wortham Theater, Asheville, NC
1/2/15 Goldman Theater, Shakespeare Center, Orlando, FL
10/6-7/14, Central Washington University, WA
9/19-27/14 Boulder Fringe, Dairy Performing Arts Center, CO
10/4/13 iDiOM Theatre, Bellingham, WA
8/2-8/11/13 Minnesota Fringe, Rarig Center Thrust, MN
5/30-6/8/13 Theatre 99, Charleston, SC
1/12/13 The Roy Arias Theater, NYC
11/14/12 Leicester Sq Theatre, London, England
8/1-8/27/12 Edinburgh Fringe, The Gilded Balloon, Scotland
6/18-24/12 Ottawa Fringe, Arts Court Theatre, ON
3/29-4/22/12 Melbourne Comedy Festival, VIC, Australia
11/16/11 AFO Festival, 80 St. Marks Theater, NYC
10/7/11 Leicester Sq Theatre, London, England
5/7-5/8/11 Boulder, CO
2/11-3/6/11 Adelaide Fringe Festival, SA, Australia
1/8 & 1/15/11 The Kraine Theater, NYC
10/3/10 Cowichan Theatre, Duncan, BC
9/30-10/2/10 iDiOM Theater, Bellingham, WA
9/29/10 Jericho Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC
9/23-9/25/10 Annex Theater, Seattle, WA
9/9-9/26/10 The Vancouver Fringe Festival, BC
8/26-9/5/10 The Victoria Fringe Festival, BC
8/22-8/26/10 The Edmonton Fringe Festival, AL
7/29-8/7/10 The Saskatoon Fringe Festival, SK
5/5-5/12/10 The Piccolo Spoleto Festival, SC
4/3/10 Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, NJ
3/11-3/13/10 The Rogue Festival, Fresno, CA
July 09, The Winnipeg Fringe Festival, MB
June 09, The Toronto Fringe Festival, ON
June 09, The London Fringe Festival, ON
May 09, The soloNOVA Festival, DR2 Theatre, NYC
May 09, The Orlando Fringe Festival, FL
April 08, The Barrow Group Studio Theatre, NYC
Nov 07, Ars Nova Theater, NYC
Sept 07, Rosenthal JCC, Pleasantville, NY
June 07, The Marsh in San Francisco, CA

"5 STARS... You're not likely to find many storytellers better than Martin Dockery... Could probably make a grocery list sound fascinating." -CBC
"5 STARS... An astounding feat of storytelling... Blisteringly funny... Very close to perfect." -Toronto Eye Weekly
"5 STARS... Wanderlust never ceases to entertain or to amaze." -Monday Mag, Victoria, BC
"5 STARS... Reflective, analytic, self-deprecating and hilarious." -Edmonton Sun
"4 STARS... His natural, open enthusiasm enthralls." -One4Review, Edinburgh, Scotland
"5 STARS... You can virtually feel the crazy momentum of it blowing through your hair."-Edmonton Journal
"4.5 STARS... A geyser of poetic insights and comic zingers." -Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg
"4.5 STARS... Storytelling at its best." -Adelaide Theatre Guide, Australia
"4 STARS... A masterful storyteller."-The Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia
"4.5 STARS... A psychological journey that had some literally on the edge of their seats." -The Advertiser, Adelaide, Australia
"A fast-paced show that is both interesting and funny, this show is definitely worth checking out." -UMFM, 101.5 Winnipeg

Created & Performed by Martin Dockery
Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory

In this comical, multi-award winning, true-life odyssey, Dockery journeys from a dead-end job in New York down a dead-end road in Timbuktu, on an ever-more-desperate search for love, meaning, and a compass. This is storytelling at its best, energetic and theatrical, as Dockery tries to find his way in a directionless post-collegiate world. He's an office temp looking for real-world permanence in the Sahara Desert, negotiating the terrors, the absurdities, and the giddy moments inherent in traveling far from home.


In Search of an Epiphany. Any Epiphany at all.

"A dynamic, fast-paced, quirkly, and hilarious odyssey." -Plank Magazine, Vancouver
"5 STARS... Wanderlust never ceases to entertain or to amaze."
-Monday Magazine, Victoria
"4.5 STARS... Brilliant... relatable... humbling."
-See Magazine, Edmonton
"4 STARS... A tremendous feat from a consumate entertainer."
-Vue Weekly, Edmonton
"4 STARS... A wonderful storyteller."
-Planet S Magazine, Saskatoon
"4.5 STARS... A born storyteller whose evocative language had the audience completely enthralled... Exceptional comic timing and delivery."
-Winnipeg Sun
"4 STARS... Fluid and fast-paced... vivid and warmly funny."
-Winnipeg Free Press
"4 STARS... Invigorating... I am mesmerized."
-London Free Press
"Rivetingly hilarious... Mind blowing... You will kick yourself hard for missing this."
-Fully Fringed, Ottawa
"A tour de force. Dockery is the real deal, and Wanderlust is magical."
-Orlando Sentinel
“These aren’t just travel tales, his stories have a transcendent quality to them… There is a thoughtful, evocative bent to them [that] celebrate the wonder of it all.”
-Community News Commons, Winnipeg
"Tightly structured, professional, and well-practiced in its madcap zaniness."
-Minneapolis City Pages

"A masterful storyteller."
-Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia

"5 STARS... Dockery is OMFG funny. The show is incredible." -Star Phoenix, Saskatoon
"4 STARS... It is extremely well-scripted and an intuitively nuanced performance... A wild & exciting journey, possessing wit, intelligence, & insight."
-The Quotidian Times, Edinburgh, Scotland
"Made the audience roar with laughter... Beautifully polished." -Pioneer Press, Minneapolis
"A firebrand performer who mixes physicality with a sparkling sense of narrative."

-The Ottawa Citizen

"Spectacularly good... Absolutely unforgettable."
"Laugh out loud... Moments of complete vulnerability are offered with unabashed humor."
-Charleston City Paper
"A one-man storytelling tornado."
-The Stage, Edinburgh, Scotland
"A must-see!"
-Vancouver Sun
"A must-see!"
-The Georgia Straight, Vancouver
-Capital Critics Circle, Ottawa
"A masterful storytelling odyssey."
-Rip It Up Magazine (The Fix), Adelaide, Australia

"Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!" -Twin Cities Daily Planet, Minneapolis
"5 STARS... An exhilarating, whirlwind hour with a performance to behold." -Love Fringe, Edinburgh, Scotland
"Explodes with energy." -Three Weeks, Edinburgh, Scotland