– Past Performances –

May, 2013: Orlando Fringe Festival
June, 2013: Ottawa Fringe Festival
July 2013: Winnipeg Fringe Festival
August, 2013: Edmonton Fringe Festival
August, 2013: Victoria Fringe Festival
September 2013: Boulder Fringe Festival
October, 2013: iDiOM Theater, Bellingham, WA
April 2014: Arts Project, London, ON
June 2014: Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Charleston, SC
February 2016: Orlando Fringe Encore Series

"Dockery is creating an impressionistic painting of lovers groping their way back toward each other, before it's too late. His words, full of restlessness and longing, are the medium. His and Quesnelle's expressive faces are the canvas. And it's funny." -Orlando Sentinel
"Funny, with exceptional actors who beautifully grow their characters relationship."
-CFUV, Victoria
"With plenty of laughs along the way, this funny piece of theatre cleverly circles around itself, building as it spins its yarn."
-Ottawa Tonight
"The thing that really stood out to me was that it's so funny - the wordplay."
-Herd Magazine, Ottawa
"There is great chemistry between Dockery and Quesnelle and consequently with the audience." -Charlebois Post

"Dockery and Quesnelle are appealing performers who excel with the sparkling banter and exhibit an effortless chemistry." -Winnipeg Free Press

By Martin Dockery

Starring Vanessa Quesnelle & Martin Dockery

In this funny, quick-witted, and surreal send-up of domestic bliss, a giant pit opens up in the very heart of a married couple's home, threatening to engulf them both. But in the whirlwind of escape, what's challenged most is their marriage, and whether they can remember how they got in this predicament in the first place.

"4 STARS... An engaging, smart script delivered with precision and intensity. Ace." -Edmonton Journal
"4 STARS... Like the fringe equivalent of a jazz masterpiece, The Pit sweeps its viewers up in an extended experiment of swirling dialogue eddies, riffs on a moment, and poetic storytelling... And it's also a heck of a lot of fun."
"If you haven't seen it already, then you need to go out and do it right now. Seriously. I'll wait... The chemistry between Dockery and Quesnelle is electric... I could praise this play all day long."
-Production Ottawa
"A good premise, smart writing and talented actors."
-Vue Weekly, Edmonton

"4.5 STARS... Two supremely talented actors... Cleverly written and beautifully executed."
-Charleston City Paper