"4 STARS... Brooklyn's Martin Dockery has made a name for himself on the solo circuit with his trademark vocal skills and densely crafted story cycles... [This is] classically good narrative weaving, and a treat for the ears." -Vue Weekly, Edmonton
"A master of sumptuous language... His use of literary devices makes the piece mesmerizing and his voice is hypnotic."
-Calgary Sun

Past Performances
Sept 28-30 - Craftsman Hall, Scranton Cultural Center, PA
Mar 31, 2017 – Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY
Nov 5, 2014 - Under St. Marks Theater, New York, NY
Oct 2-4, 2014 - iDiOM Theater, Bellingham, WA
Sept 27, 2014 - Secret House Show, Boulder, CO
Sept 4-14, 2014 - The Waterfront Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Aug 15-23, 2014 - King Edward, Edmonton, AB
Aug 1-9, 2014 - ArtPoint Gallery, Calgary, AB
July 2-12, 2014 - The Al Green Theatre, Toronto, ON
March 12, 2014 - The Marsh, San Francisco, CA
March 1-8, 2014 - Dianna’s Dance Studio, Fresno, CA
Nov 21-24, 2013 - Shadowbox Theater, New Orleans, LA
July 18-28, 2013 - WAG, Winnipeg, MB
May 17-26, 2013 - Shakespeare, Yellow, Orlando, FL
June 11-16, 2012 - APK Live, London, ON

"5 STARS... A powerful and disturbing experience... A tour de force of storytelling." -Stage Door, Toronto
"A seasoned performer, and it comes through in spades."
-Plank Magazine, Vancouver
"Highly recommended."
-Southern Glossary, New Orleans
"Like a guided meditation led by David Lynch."
-Orlando Weekly
"Extremely well-written... A truly captivating show; this one is a must see."
-101.5 UMFM, Winnipeg
"Bizarre, freaky, spellbinding... One of the best scripts I've heard in a long time. He has the audience in the palm of his hand and hanging on every word."
-Vancity Buzz, Vancouver
"Clever and pointed (with) lots of theatrical treats along the way."
-Now Magazine, Toronto
"Dockery is scintillating, his delivery unearthly... He will have you hanging on every word, watching every movement, searching every expression. And when it's over, you will wish for more. This master storyteller must not be missed."
-Theatre In London, London, ON

"5 STARS... A storied and imaginary road that is not just less traveled, it's completely unchartered... it is dark. It is fantastic.' -The Winnipeg Free Press
"4 STARS... A virtuoso storyteller animated with a sense of humor and a gift of the gab."
-Edmonton Journal
"4 STARS... An incredible feat of storytelling. Dockery weaves his tale in astonishingly vivid detail. he draws you in with his mellifluous, mesmerizing tone and his delivery is impeccable."
"Would be fantastic even outside a fringe setting. The images he conjures gradually astound."
-The Globe & Mail, Toronto
-Vancouver Courier
"Wonderful and complex... The Dark Fantastic is riveting."
-The Beat Magazine, London, ON
"Will make you think your mind has been blown... A masterful, otherworldly ride."
-The Orlando Sentinel
"I left saying Wow! A must-see show."
-King's River Life Magazine, Fresno
"A skilled storyteller." -The Province, Vancouver
"Vivid, crisp, dramatic."
-Mooney on Theatre, Toronto
"A seasoned performer, and it comes through in spades."
-Plank Magazine, Vancouver

"The images he conjures gradually astound."
-The Globe & Mail, Toronto

Accompanied by an ethereal, electronic music score, The Dark Fantastic is the wild, surrealistic tale of an epic reunion between mother and child. Reminiscent of the styles of Terry Gilliam, Joe Frank, & David Lynch, The Dark Fantastic is as fantastical as it is comically mundane, and as terrifying as it is alive with wonder. Beginning in total darkness, the audience is slowly brought into a story in which they themselves are a central player. It is an immersive storytelling experience like no other, one that is certain to both stimulate and haunt one's imagination long after the theatrical spell has been broken.

Created & Performed by
Martin Dockery

-A solo show in 60 minutes-


Dark Fantastic