"Not to be missed. Quirky, energetic, remarkably beautiful." -High Times Magazine
"Excellent storytelling... Mind-altering fun... A definite experience to see." -Plank Magazine, Vancouver
Dockery is a terrific storyteller and The Bike Trip is a terrific story.”
-Mooney on Theatre, Toronto

"Dockery kicked in from the get go and all was right with the world." -Ottawa Tonight
"He is able to capture your attention and maintain it every single second."
-AllVoices.com, NY
"Martin is likeable on an almost preternatural level. He envelopes the audience in the shared experiences of what he is creating."
-Caviglia's Cabinet of Curiosities, NY

“4 STARS... Hilarious and uber-engaging.” -NOW Magazine, Toronto
"4 STARS... Heart strings are strung, levels of consciousness are transcended, and Dockery's web of intimate experiences are all tied together, in one beautiful chemically strained bow." -Edmonton Sun
"4 STARS... Exceptional storytelling... Engaging, well-crafted piece of art... One heck of a trip." -CBC
"If you loved Wanderlust, you'll love The Bike Trip." -The Daily City, Orlando
"Dockery's masterful storytelling has you laughing hysterically at everything and nothing, before touching to the quick of the human experience." -Apt 613, Ottawa
"The Bike Trip is wonderfully spontaneous and absolutely irresistible."
Ubyssey, Vancouver
"A master storyteller... He carried his standing ovation."
-The Post & Courier, Charleston

"A polished act... Dockery knows how to make his tongue twisting
punch lines hit."
-The Province, Vancouver

"5 STARS... Masterful, mesmerizing, and hugely entertaining." -Uptown Magazine
"5 STARS... A one-man storytelling extravaganza... The Brooklyn monologist mesmerizes."
-The Winnipeg Free Press
“A-… Dockery’s energy is incredible, his timing fantastic, and his shows always have a really satisfying payoff.”
-My Entertainment World, Toronto
"A sheer and hilarious delight... Dockery's delivery is flawless, his connection with his audience superb, his brain way more fun than any acid trip." -The Ottawa Citizen
"The Bike Trip is so eccentrically energetic - and Dockery's material so funny and surprising - that I was riveted."
-The Georgia Straight, Vancouver
“Martin Dockery is possibly the most mesmerizing storyteller I have ever seen or am likely to ever see… I’ve never known an hour to fly by so quickly and for a smile to be etched so deeply on my face.”
–Barefoot Review, Adelaide, Australia
"Dockery's gifts as a storyteller border on the supernatural.
Go see The Bike Trip. Oh, go see The Bike Trip."
"Vivid and deliciously funny... His comic take on being human
will speak to everyone."
-The Orlando Sentinel
"Dockery brings a charged, hypnotic, hugely athletic presence to
the stage... A textured, poignant and very funny experience."
-The Fresno Bee
"The Bike Trip is funny, moving, & remarkably uplifting."
-Charleston City Paper

Created & Performed by
Martin Dockery
-A solo show in 75 minutes-

"Remarkably  beautiful." -High Times  Magazine

The  Bike Trip

"Dockery is one of the most animated and energetic performers Ive ever seen on stage. More, he's simply one of the most engrossing storytellers I've ever seen and I'm already sold on any shows he brings within reach of me in the future." -Production Ottawa
"His dramatic presence crackles with energy." -Cultural Capitol, NY
“A  tremendously funny show with heart; Dockery is a one-man storytelling machine!”
–The Clothesline, Adelaide, Australia
“Draws you in and keeps you engaged, seemingly forever… He is larger than life.”
–Great Scott Media, Adelaide, Australia

In 1943, at the height of WWII, a pharmacologist in Switzerland accidentally invented and ingested the world's most powerful  psychotropic substance: LSD. Then he tried to  ride his bike home. 65 years later, in a bid to  get to the heart of the psychedelic experience,  Dockery attempts to recreate that fateful  journey. Performing a hilarious, heartrending,  and true story, he takes the audience through  India, Switzerland, and his own  neurotic psyche. It's a journey into our collective soul that ultimately has little to do with  bikes or LSD, and everything to do with the  search for human connection.

Past performances:
Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
The Kraine Theater, Manhattan, NY
Horizons Psychedelic Conf., Judson Church, NYC, NY
Evolver, The Big House, Atlanta, GA
The FRIGID Festival Kraine Theater, Manhattan, NY
PHX: Fringe Festival Space 55, Phoenix, AZ
Orlando Fringe Festival The Silver Venue, FL
London Fringe Festival The Arts Project, ON
Winnipeg Fringe Festival University of Winnipeg, Canwest Centre, MB
Vancouver Fringe Fundraiser, Waterfront Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Jericho Arts Centre  Vancouver, BC
Piccolo Spoleto Theater 99, Charleston, SC
London Storytelling Festival, Leicester Square Theatre, London, England
Barrow Street Theater New York City, NY
Vancouver Fringe, Waterfront Theatre, Vancouver, BC
iDiOM Theater Bellingham, WA
Rogue Festival Fresno, CA
Ottawa Fringe Festival Ottawa, ON
Boulder Fringe Festival Boulder, CO
La Cite U'ni Francophone, Edmonton Fringe, AB
Tuxedo Cat, Adelaide Fringe, Australia
Tarragon Extraspace, Toronto Fringe, ON

"Incredibly engaging... Clearly a master storyteller." -New Ottawa Critics
"Leaves the audience wowed."
-The London Beat, London, ON
"To say that The Bike Trip is mind-expanding is not doing it justice: It's a thrilling exploration of community and self. And it's also a good time."
-Elizabeth Maupin (Former theater critic Orlando Sentinel
"Dockery is a great performer and it's hard to take your eyes off him... The Bike Trip is funny with punch lines that come out of nowhere."
-TheatreIsEasy.com, NY
"We get to sit back and absorb his brilliance, lauging and gleaning bits of wisdom... Dockery's intelligence, wit, and kind-heartedness make his storytelling compelling and surprisingly touching."
-ReadCharlie.com, Charleston
"The Bike Trip was really on and vibrating. Dockery has great range, from obsessed silly stoner to philosophical longing and deep understanding of personal grief... [Dockery] is the curious  guy next door who returns from his travels with tales you won't read in the travel guides. Buy yourself a ticket and go on the trip with him."
-ArtsVox, Toronto, ON
"This is the most unique storyteller, the likes of whom I have never seen in my whole life... He transforms his entire body into a storytelling instrument, to produce a delirium of vocal sounds, movement and bodily language, takes us on a long and exciting adventure, full of surprises, twists of language, unexpected humour and lightning references to the encyclopedia rumbling around in his head... He physically gets inside his subject matter and explodes with a volcanic energy that makes us hear and feel exactly what he is describing. Do not miss this adventure that is much much more than what it appears."
-Capitel Critics Circle, Ottawa
"4 STARS... It's like drunk history, but wilder." -Vue Weekly, Edmonton, AB
"Illuminating & hilarious." -Edmonton Journal, AB