~ Past Performances ~

June 2014: Ottawa Fringe Festival, ON
July, 2014: Winnipeg Fringe Festival, MB
August, 2014: Edmonton Fringe Festival, AB
September, 2014: Vancouver Fringe Festival, BC
November, 2014: Arts Project, London, ON
April, 2015: Kraine Theater, NYC
May, 2015: Orlando Fringe Festival, FL
June, 2015: Cincinnati Fringe Festival, OH
August, 2015: Minnesota Fringe Festival, MN
October, 2015: Ottawa Fringe Encore Series, ON
February, 2016: Orlando Fringe Encore Series, FL
February-March, 2016: Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia
June, 2016: Theatre 99, Piccolo Spoleto, Charleston, SC
November, 2016: Mainline Theatre, Montreal, QB
December, 2016: Passionfool, Arts Project, London, ON
March, 2017: Dianna's Studio of Dance, Rogue Festival, Fresno, CA
July, 2017: Tarragon Theatre Mainspace, Toronto Fringe, ON
August, 2017: The Box, Assembly, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
January, 2018: Factory Theatre, Next Stage Festival, Toronto, ON
July, 2019: John Hirsch Theatre, Winnipeg Fringe, MB
August, 2019: Alexandra Centre, Calgary Fringe, AB

"BEST OF FEST: A complex & compassionate romantic mystery... Dockery is dynamic as always, while Quesnelle displays huge emotional range." –Orlando Weekly
"A puzzle-box of a story... unexpected and interesting."
-The Fountain, Edinburgh
"It doesn't get any more intimate than watching two lovers tear apart the many sweet and sour layers of their relationship."
-Metro Ottawa

"CRITICS PICK: Dockery's writing is beautiful and his stories utterly compelling... Quesnelle is spellbinding... They engage in a swirling verbal dance that takes the audience to a completely unexpected place."
-Pioneer Press, Minneapolis
"This mystery about relationships tickled my brain and captivated me from start to finish."
-Plank Magazine, Vancouver
"A magical performance which captures the essence of theatre, the essence of performativity, perhaps captured better than any other writing for the stage I have ever seen."
-Capital Critics Circle, Ottawa
"This is the kind of art that changes you."
–Manhattan With a Twist, NY
"4.5 STARS... This bittersweet gem of an hour is a rare treat."
-Fringe Review, Edmonton
"This is one of the best scripts I have experienced... The details that reveal themselves give a unique portrayal of the complexities of relationships which are too often over-simplified."
-New Ottawa Critics
"Terrific chemistry."
-Vancouver Courier
"This play is everything I've ever wanted out of theatre. To say that Martin Dockery and Vanessa Quesnelle's chemistry is riveting would be an understatement. Don't miss this play."
-Capital Critics Circle, Ottawa
"Moonlight After Midnight absolutely blew me away!"-King's River Life Magazine, Fresno

Moonlight After Midnight

By Martin Dockery
Dramaturgy by Vanessa Quesnelle
Starring Vanessa Quesnelle & Martin Dockery

“Believe the hype on this one… Once it’s over, you immediately want to go back and re-live it again.” –Post & Courier, Charleston, SC
“4 STARS: A complex, layered play."–Voice Magazine, Edinburgh

"4 STARS: An innovative, well-crafted tale that forces you to question your perception of what is reality and what is performance." –Miro Magazine, Edinburgh
“4 STARS: A clever, fast-paced, high-energy two-hander.”
–Fringe Review, Toronto
"4 STARS... A sweet, delicate two-hander anchored by nimble acting and a subtle script." -Edmonton Journal
“Whoooo-aaaah! Double bravo! A must see.” –Barefoot Review, Adelaide, Australia

"4 STARS: It's about the spiraling games the mind plays."
–The Scotsman, Edinburgh

"5 STARS: Brilliant."
–NOW Magazine, Toronto
"4 STARS: Both the script and actors exude sophistication

and nuance."
–Fest Magazine, Edinburgh
Compelling and intriguing, this sophisticated show is a
must for theatre buffs.”
–The Advertiser, Adelaide, Australia
"4 STARS:  A captivating theatrical experience."
-The List, Edinburgh
"CRITICS PICK: A lilting slow dance of longing, loss, love
and life... There's magic in this moonlight."
–Orlando Sentinel, FL
“RATING: A-… A puzzling romance worth solving.”
–Charleston City Paper, SC

“A lean script that doesn't pull any punches... with stellar, expressive performers who have magnificent chemistry... I'm at a loss for anything more to say because it's all positive. ” –Mooney on Theatre, Toronto
“A powerful, moving work.”
–ArtsVox, Toronto

"5 STARS... This elegantly written show turns and turns on itself, like an emotional kaleidoscope."
-Winnipeg Free Press

In this fast-paced blend of romance and mystery, a beautiful woman and a secretive man role-play a relationship in the private theater of a midnight hotel room.

"Yes: dramatic ambition and sophistication.
Thank you."
-Georgia Straight, Vancouver

"4 STARS: A palpable passion that captures the audience's imagination." –Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
“Challenging, subversive theatre... A collaboration of great artistic chemistry.”
–Great Scott, Adelaide, Australia
“If Groundhog Day and Inception had a baby, this would be it.”
–Kryztoff RAW, Adelaide, Australia

"CRITICS PICK: Takes us through 360 degrees of emotion, a full gamut of life, longing, and love. A tour de force of writing and acting." –City Beat, Cincinnati
“5 STARS: It is brilliant.”
–Adelaide Theatre Guide, Adelaide, Australia
"Equal parts fun and compelling, Moonlight After Midnight will leave you thinking."
–Culture Catch, New York

"This is one of the most well-done dramas I've seen." -Minny Apple, Minneapolis
"4 STARS... The chemistry between Dockery and Quesnelle is electric, playing off each other with a genuine connection."
-Vancouver Presents
"The two have an undeniable chemistry that audiences can relate to... Dockery is a skillful teller of tales."
-Charlebois Post
"Moonlight After Midnight is one polished show that kept its audience at such rapt attention you could have heard a pin drop."
-On Stage Ottawa