"4 STARS: Inescapable is mesmerizing... A circular buzz saw of a play... In the friction of the spin, it gives off tiny, glinting revelations like sparks off a metal rail. And, thanks to the intricate infrastructure devised by Dockery, a mid-life crisis story of betrayal and lost possibility emerges without getting told."
-Edmonton Journal
"4 STARS: Inescapable is a Mobius strip of a play that's sure to fill your inner geek with glee... A really clever script with some very tasty dialogue... An excellent opportunity to let your brain run wild and crazy for a hour."
"A consistently funny and dazzlingly creative piece... A winner all the way."
-Capital Critics Circle (Jamie Portman)
"4 STARS: Inescapable is a hilarious non-stop, high-energy, rapid-fire 45 minute dialogue that is really about, well, nothing. A sort of Groundhog Day meets No Exit meets Waiting for Godot meets... just about anything you want."
-Edmonton Sun

BEST-OF-FEST: “A tense, brain-twisting drama… A tantalizingly enigmatic script and compulsively engaging performance.” –Orlando Weekly
BEST-OF-FEST: “Martin Dockery is up to his old tricks again – and what splendid tricks they are.”
–Orlando Sentinel
“Captivating and worth seeing multiple times.” –Watermark, Orlando

– Past Performances –

June, 2015: Ottawa Fringe Festival
July, 2015: Winnipeg Fringe Festival
August, 2015: Edmonton Fringe Festival
May, 2016: Orlando Fringe Festival
Jan, 2017: Orlando Mid-Winter Fest
July, 2018: Toronto Fringe Festival
Aug, 2018: Minnesota Fringe Festival

"A delicious two-dude play." -The Revue, Ottawa
"Tightly written and carefully paced."
-Apt613, Ottawa, ON
"Dockery and Paterson exude an energy that make the hour fly by."
-OnStage Ottawa (Robyn Lester)
"Paterson and Dockery have an electric rapport on stage. The dialogue is dizzying, the characters are funny, and the plot is the thing of a hallucinogenic vision."
-Capital Critics Circle (Kat Fournier)

by Martin Dockery
Directed by Vanessa Quesnelle
With Jon Paterson & Martin Dockery

Two old friends find themselves trapped at an endless holiday party in this tight whirlwind of a thriller. As they attempt to escape the never-ending celebration, a puzzle slowly reveals itself, exposing the betrayals and deceits that go hand-in-hand with a lifetime of friendship.

"Dockery proves himself to be a creative tour-de-force... both a performer and a playwright who should not be missed. Inescapable is stellar and features thought-provoking material that does not allow for passive spectatorship." -Herd Magazine, Ottawa.
"If you still need someone to tell you to check out Martin Dockery's work, you probably haven't been paying attention. Let me help you out here: Just go."
-New Ottawa Critics (Wes Babcock)
"Repetition, a risky tool in drama, requires fine acting and careful timing. Both are here in spades as Dockery and Paterson dance in and out of the reality of the ties that bind and separate them."
-Capital Critics Circle (Iris Winston), Ottawa
"Inescapable is a truly remarkable piece of theatre that relishes in its exquisitely circular nature... Intricate and brilliant."
-OnStage  Ottawa (Allen Mackey)
"4 STARS: Thoroughly entertaining."
-Winnipeg Free Press
"Inescapable is a breath of fresh air; hilarious, surprising, and efficient storytelling done by performers who know exactly what they're doing."
-OnStage Ottawa (Valerie Cardinal)