-A solo show in 75 minutes-

Past Shows:

Jan 4, 2015 - The Goldman Theater
Shakespeare Theater, Orlando, FL

Nov 10, 2012 @ London Storytelling Festival,
Leicester Sq Theatre, London, UK

July 18-29, 2012 @ The Winnipeg Fringe,
U of W, Winnipeg, MB

June 1-11, 2012 @ The Piccolo Spoleto Festival,
Theatre 99, Charleston, SC

Nov 28, Dec 5, 12, 19, 2011 @ The Kraine Theater,
New York, NY

Nov 12, 2011 @ Unitarian Fellowship,
Morristown, NJ

Sept 22, 2011 @ The Vancouver Fringe,
The Waterfront Theatre, Vancouver, BC

May 19-29, 2011 @ The Orlando Fringe,
Orange Venue, Orlando, FL

"A masterful storyteller... A terrific one-man show... Dockery deliriously delves into the silly and surreal that surrounds our collective craving for spirituality." -Orlando Weekly
"Funny, engaging, and frank... The audience was swept along for the ride."
-NearSay.com, New York
"Martin Dockery truly is a master in the art of storytelling."
-Ignite 107 FM, Winnipeg

"Astonishing... Exhilarating... This kind of theater is church for us non-believers - the place to go for damaged souls to be made whole." -Elizabeth Maupin (former chief theater critic of The Orlando Sentinel)

"4 STARS... A mesmerizing performer." -Winnipeg Free Press
"4 STARS... Dockery's talent for weaving mile-a-minute tangents into comedy and his off-kilter slacker charm ensure that this is consistently entertaining."
"Skillfully woven, unpredicatble, and visual... A wonderful travelogue."
-Post & Courier, Charleston
"Dockery is a marvelous storyteller... While The Holy Land Experience, like his earlier shows, is an awesome travelogue, it's also an exploration of a questing soul."
"A masterful storyteller... There's much to ponder here about human folly, if you can stop laughing long enough to listen for it."
-Orlando Sentinel
"High-octane exuberance."
-Charleston City Paper
"Effervescent... Dockery weaves a tapestry that intersects his own life and tribulations with love."
-The Daily City, Orlando
"Dockery's storytelling gifts are on full display... Such a good storyteller."
-UMFM 101.5 FM, Winnipeg.

Wrestling with monogamy and infidelity, Dockery comically travels through the land of the uber-faithful - from a religious theme park in Orlando to Christmas Day in Bethlehem - ineptly in pursuit of something, anything, to believe in. Performed in Dockery's energetic style, this is a funny, moving, and ultimately uplifting true story about desperately negotiating boundaries, both with those who hold our hearts and those who hold our passports.

"High octane exuberance." -Charleston City Paper

Created & Performed by Martin Dockery



Holy Land