"Dockery is a verbal magician." NOW Magazine, Toronto

“5-STARS: Tales of sex, love, death, pets, butterflies, airports, and the impermanent wonders of nature are all beautifully wound together in this gorgeous, manic monologue.” -Vue Weekly, Edmonton
“Storytelling at its finest.”
–Vancouver Presents
“That rare ability to vividly mix the mundane with the transcendent is why Dockery remains, quite simply, the best.”
–The Orlando Sentinel
“Shout-it-from-the-rooftop acclaim for Dockery’s Delirium, a beautifully written, deftly performed, bruisingly intimate outing that offers sophisticated humor and a strong emotional punch.”
-The Fresno Bee

“4-STARS: Dockery is a fringe favourite and a master storyteller... At critical junctions of the performance, it seems as if Dockery's entire being vibrates with the effort to transmit his tales. ” –CBC
“Frequently hilarious… Delirium resonates with poignancy.”
-Assaulted Fish, Vancouver
“I dare say it's entirely impossible to sit anywhere but the edge of one's seat.” –AJ Sage, Ithica Fringe
“Deeply moving tales of love and loss that carry a haunting authenticity.”
-12thNight.ca, Edmonton
“Thoughtful, bittersweet, unique, and crackling.”
–ArtsVox, Toronto
“Entertaining, uplifting, hilarious, heart-breaking… I can’t think of anyone who shouldn’t see it.”
-Theatre Addicts Vancouver

“Plenty of laughter and a touch of heartbreak… a disarmingly open-hearted performer.” -Pioneer Press, Minneapolis
“Engaging, invigorating, gripping, life-affirming… A big F*** yes to life!”
–Apt 613, Ottawa
“The performance is at once honest, sincere, and hilarious.”
–Theatre in London
“Delirium feels good. No, it feels great. Don’t miss it.”
-Jo Ledingham Theatre Reviews, Vancouver
“The show closes with a beautiful story about Monarch butterflies which becomes (in true Martin Dockery fashion) a metaphor for life, rewarding the audience with a positive message and a soft landing to this madcap, heartfelt ride.”
–King’s River Life Magazine
"This is storytelling at its finest, and Dockery is a master of the trade."
-City Paper, Rochester

 “A storytelling tour de force.” –Torontoist, Toronto
–hipCRANK, Ottawa
 “4 STARS: A master class… Dockery's style is so effective that he could entertain by saying just about anything; the fact he has gripping stories to tell just makes a deliriously good show darned near great.”
–Winnipeg Free Press
 “Passionate performer provokes laughs and gasps… The only other performer I’ve seen with that type of energy on stage is Iggy Pop.”
–London Free Press

“EDITOR’S CHOICE: Dockery’s storytelling style is marked by intimacy …(and is) frequently hilarious.” -Georgia Straight, Vancouver
“5-STARS: Delirium is a fast-paced, energetic, and hilarious one-man show.”
–Theatre in London 1
“Masterful storytelling, volcanic energy, and inspiring spirit… Go!”
–Mooney on Theatre, Toronto
“Deliriously entertaining… resonates long after the laughter recedes.”
–Orlando Weekly
“I don’t think I’ve experienced such a mass catharsis as this, but it was pretty incredible… Deeply personal, yet reflective of the human experience as a whole, [it] transcends the confines of a traditional one-man show.”
–New Ottawa Critics
"Hilarious and life-affirming, poignant and ridiculous." -Charleston City Paper

In a retracing of his grandfather’s book on butterflies, Dockery tells the true story of looking for meaning in the mysterious connection between love and death. Hilarious and heartbreaking, Delirium takes us from a Toronto airport to the Nevada desert, and from a Brooklyn apartment to the Mexican redoubt of the Monarch butterfly, telling a devastating and uplifting story of both falling in love and falling apart.


~Past Performances~
Sept 18-21, 2019: SOTA Club, Rochester Fringe, NY
Aug 3-10, 2019: Vertigo Theatre, Calgary Fringe, AB
May 30-June 5, 2019: Theatre 99, Piccolo Spoleto, Charleston, SC
January 26, 2019: Astor Theatre, Liverpool, NS
November 12 & 13, 2018: Wilton Theater Factory, Fort Lauderdale, FL
September 7-15, 2018: Waterfront Theatre, Vancouver Fringe, BC
August 17-26, 2018: Walterdale Theatre, Edmonton Fringe, AB
August 4-12, 2018: Rarig Mainstage Thrust, Minnesota Fringe, MN
February 16-17, 2018: The Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA
January 13, 2018: Factory Theatre, Next Stage Festival, Toronto, ON
Sept 28-30, 2017: Jr. Ballroom, Cultural Center, Scranton Fringe, PA
July 6-15, 2017: Tarragon Theatre Mainspace, Toronto Fringe, ON
​June 14-18, 2017: Live on Elgin, Ottawa Fringe, ON
June 2-10, 2017: The Arts Project, London Fringe, ON
May 17-28, 2017: Pink Venue, Orlando Fringe, FL
May 21, 2017: Shomrei Torah, Tallahassee, FL
April 21-23, 2017: CSMA Ballroom, Ithaca Fringe, NY
April 9-10, 2017: The Kettle, Shenandoah Fringe, Staunton, VA
March 3-11, 2017: Dianna's Studio of Dance, Rogue Festival, Fresno, CA
July 13-24, 2016: ACI Manitoba, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, MB

Created & Performed by
Martin Dockery