~Past Performances~
April 21-23, 2017: CSMA Ballroom, Ithaca Fringe, NY
April 9-10, 2017: The Kettle, Shenandoah Fringe, Staunton, VA
March 3-11, 2017: Dianna's Studio of Dance, Rogue Festival, Fresno, CA
July 13-24, 2016: ACI Manitoba, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, MB

A ridiculous, true story of love, loss, and butterflies at The Top of the World.

Created & Performed by

Martin Dockery

Martin Dockery’s ‘Delirium’ is master storytelling

BY DONALD MUNRO, March 5, 2017

The Brooklyn-based Dockery is a powerhouse performer, his words often tumbling out in a flurry of eager prose, and at the Saturday evening performance of “Delirium” I saw, his often gravelly voice added even more resonance to the material. Once again using the device of interconnected stories, he presents three highly personal tales that all touch on the themes of connection and intimacy.

The first, about a marriage proposal, is amiable and warm. Then he shifts into an amusing recollection of a plan to create a pop-up restaurant selling “strawberry sandwiches” at the Burning Man Festival, and in an expertly calibrated twist guides the audience into darker emotional territory.

Finally, a third story about a beloved dog, an agonizing airplane flight and the sheer wonder of butterflies seals the deal, provoking both guffaws and tears. Through it all, Dockery’s crisp writing pays off time and again with strong images for the audience (a muffin consumed in an torrent of nervousness at an airport, a desert sky exploding with stars, a frail canine still able to muster the strength to wag a tail). He’s adept at weaving those concrete details into larger intellectual and emotional throughlines. I won’t soon forget how he connects butterfly migration to the human experience.

It’s all the product of a master storyteller. My third go-around with Dockery was definitely charmed.


You need to accept the agony along with the ecstasy
on this powerful Fringe journey

By Michelle Palansky, CBC News Posted: Jul 13, 2016    Rating: ★★★★

Winnipeg loves Martin Dockery. True story. If the opening night crowd was any indication, then you'd better get your tickets quickly or line up early. The author of seven past Fringe hits, Dockery sold out his premiere performance just minutes after the box office opened.

Delirium is a trio of tales from Dockery's life that examine the indifference of the universe, the possibility and practicality of cross-border love, and the absolute immutability of the fact that one day everyone you know will someday die. 

Yup, it gets pretty heavy. Like, black cloak and scythe heavy. If you buy the ticket to take this ride you need to accept the agony along with the ecstasy on this journey into Delirium. But Dockery is a Fringe favourite and a master storyteller. At crucial junctions of the performance, it seems as though his entire being vibrates with the effort to transmit his tales.

Accept the mortality of it all and you will certainly enjoy the show.


Posted: 07/8/2016

Rating: ★★★★

There might not be a more aptly titled show at this year's fringe — Brooklyn, N.Y.-based storyteller Martin Dockery's frenzied hour-long monologue, which is a three-part exploration of life, love, commitment and the healing power of strawberry sandwiches, is a master class in how best to combine complex verbal material with perpetual physical motion. Dockery's style is so effective that he could entertain by saying just about anything; the fact he has gripping stories to tell just makes a deliriously good show darned near great.  

—   Brad Oswald