Past shows:
June 18-28, 2015: Ottawa Fringe Festival, Studio 311, Ottawa, ON
Oct 3-5, 2013: iDiOM Theater, Bellingham, WA
Sept 7-15, 2013: Vancouver Fringe, The Cultch, Vancouver, BC
Aug 27-Sept 1, 2013: Victoria Fringe, Fairfield Hall, Victoria, BC
Aug 16-24, 2013: Edmonton Fringe, Le Cite Francophone, Edmonton, AB
May 31-June 7, 2013: Piccolo Spoleto, Threshold Theater, Charleston, SC
May 17-26, 2012: The Orlando Fringe, Pink Venue, Orlando, FL
April 3-7, 2012: The Melbourne Comedy Festival, St. Ali’s Cafe, Australia
Feb 17-Mar 18, 2012: Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Cupola, Australia
Nov 17-20, 2011: New Orleans Fringe Festival, Hi-Ho Lounge, New Orleans, LA
October 9, 2011: London Storytelling Festival, Leicester Sq Theatre, London, England
July 16-24, 2011: Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Univ. of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB
July 7-15, 2011: Toronto Fringe Festival, The Robert Gill Theatre, Toronto, ON
June 16-26, 2011: London Fringe Festival, Spriet Family Theatre, London, ON

"Dockery is as engaging as ever." -Orlando Sentinel
"A very quick tongue and amazing, expressive body language."
-Rip It Up Magazine, Adelaide, Australia
"Bursting Into Flames is a thoughtful, side-splitting monologue atop a keg of dynamite... A frenzy of physical storytelling, extraordinarily inventive... Dockery knows how to slip the dagger between your ribs so that you hardly notice it."
-Charleston City Paper
"Exuberant performance... Absurdly rich and imaginative." -CW Magazine, Victoria
"4 STARS: A true master... A sensational performer."
-OnStage Ottawa
"Always entertaining."
-Ontario Arts Review, Toronto
"Hilarious, gripping, exciting."
-Ignite 107, Winnipeg

"Dockery has become a much-anticipated performer, and that anticipation is generously rewarded... Impeccably paced and funny." -Ottawa Citizen
"4 STARS... His comedic timing is bang on, as is his meticulous build. Bursting Into Flames is fast, fiery, and funny as Hell."
-Vue Weekly, Edmonton
"4 STARS... Dockery is a master of smooth, rapid-fire delivery and rich, descriptive, over-the-top comedic storytelling."
-Now Magazine, Toronto

-Plank Magazine, Vancouver
"Hilarious & moving... Dockery's comic timing is basically flawless."
-Theatre in London
"A laugh-out-loud show."
-Mooney on Theatre, Toronto
"A tour de force."
-Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance

"5 STARS... Spectacular... Martin Dockery absolutely burns down the house with Bursting Into Flames." -CBC
"5 STARS... Rich, imaginative, kooky, and most definitively hot."
-Edmonton Journal
"5 STARS... A masterful monolgist, Dockery's manic, motor mouth style is funny, very funny."
-Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg
"5 STARS... By God, Martin Dockery has done it again." -
Edmonton Sun
"5 STARS... Dockery's best work yet... His writing is razor-sharp and full of wit."
-The Winnipeg Free Press
"4 STARS... Take an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, side-splitting tour of the afterlife, with a perfect host... This is compelling storytelling... You have no choice but to be captivated, held spellbound... It's really, really, really good. No, really. Really."
-The Advertiser, Adelaide, Australia

A man makes a new life for himself after waking up (Surprised! Excited!) in Heaven. But as the afterlife stretches towards eternity, cracks begin to show in Heaven's facade. And what started as a hilarious, madcap  romp through the land of the dead, becomes a terrifyingly desperate bid for human connection. Told in Dockery's unique stortelling style, Bursting Into Flames is sure to entertain, enthrall, & surprise.

Bursting Into Flames
Created & Performed
by Martin Dockery
-A Solo Show in 65 minutes-

"5 Stars... Spectacular."
-CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp)

The gonzo tale of a darkly hilarious romp through the afterlife!

"A+ entertainment and innovative theology at its best!"-Ink19, Orlando
"Blazing excitement... Takes surrealism to a whole new extreme."
-Orlando Weekly
"Vibrant, funny, dark... Dockery is entirely engaging."
-Adelaide Arts Beat, Adelaide, Australia
"The best one-man show I've seen in years."
-Apt613, Ottawa
"A monologue master with knee-slapping laughs."
-The Revue, Ottawa
"A sure sell-out."
-New Ottawa Critics
"An incredibly satisfying piece of solo theatre and a definite must-see."
-Herd Magazine

"This show is pure, comedic gold delivered at a break-neck pace. Dockery is a crackling firework, and a master at theatrical slight-of-hand. This play is expertly devised, deftly delivered, and wonderfully complex." -Capital Critics Circle, Ottawa (Kat Fournier)
"A monologue by Martin Dockery, the cosmic storyteller whose art sends us spinning into superior worlds through his complex and modulated cvocal performance, his physical energy, his corporeal creativity, and his narrative art."
-Capital Critics Circle, Ottawa (Alvina Ruprecht)